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Ralph Liu, Managing Director

Ralph has been a seasoned investment banker with prestigious Wall Street firms such as First Boston and Morgan Stanley right out of the Wharton Business School with an MBA in Finance. He had many other successful entrepreneurial careers in between being a prominent banker and being a successful derivatives trader.


He has managed FX options and derivatives trading with Chemical Bank and Equitabel Life in New York, run the regional structured derivatives business for UBS and JP Morgan Chase in Singapore and Hong Kong as well as served as a board member chief investment officer for China Everbright Bank (5th largest bank in China) in Beijing. Ralph has created and implemented many disruptive financial market innovations during both his tenures as a banker and his various entrepreneurial stints.


His current passion is to bring his extensive experience and never ending enthusiasm in financial innovations to the art market. Ralph is based in Los Angeles.

Marcel van Zweden, Director, Finance, Business Development & Marketing

Marcel has been an internationally experienced CFO in various industries. Specifically, many of his experiences are in the banking and risk management sectors.


Throughout his career, he has played various different corporate roles as a finance manager, a marketing manager, a consultancy project leader with a focus on change management, as well as risk and quality control with several different global MNCs.


With a strong passion for appreciating art, Marcel has also been a co-founder of an international art company. Marcel is currently based in Amsterdam. 

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